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Something new for 2012

Posted on January 26, 2012
Happy New Year everyone. My name is Owen aka Dynamite and I'm the leader and keyboard player for Tribal Legacy. Gonna try something new for 2012...blogging.

Every week or so (hopefully) I'll be sharing my thoughts about the band, music, whatever tickles my fancy (but usually pertaining to music), and maybe u guys will like it and come back to visit. If u don't like what I'm saying, please let me know and I'll probably quit (kidding).

Right now the band is feeling the economic crunch because all of our regular clients are cutting back on their spending. This was causing me to feel a bit antsy but I'm cool now. I decided this was the time to work on some new music, so, keep an ear out for new Reggae and Soca from Tribal Legacy. (Wow, this writing thing is hard).

Gonna end now and go work on a track. Look for us at Tequila Jacks, Feb 4 and 18.

Live a productiive life y'all,